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Green Team

Avista Stadium powered entirely by renewable energy

SPOKANE, Wash. -- When people in Spokane mention Indians baseball they think about the 100 years of history and what baseball means in this area. They talk about the tradition of great baseball and great baseball players that have come through Spokane on their way to the Major Leagues. Now when locals talk about the Spokane Indians, they mention the future as well and what changes are on the horizon.

The Spokane Indians and their home, Avista Stadium, will be powered entirely by renewable energy for the 2010 season with assistance from Avista Utilities Corporation and the Avista Buck-A-Block Program. The Indians are believed to be the first professional sports team to make the commitment to have their electricity generated entirely from renewable energy sources. The renewable energy sources, which include wind, geothermal and biomass, can be utilized in a sustainable manner with significantly less environmental impact than fossil fuels. Renewable energy also has the benefit of being produced in the Pacific Northwest region. This means less dependence on resources from outside our area and support for local employment.

"We want to be responsible stewards of the environment and this was a big step toward making our business more sustainable," said Spokane Indians President Andy Billig. "In addition to being the right thing to do, we hope this move will help raise awareness among other business and individuals about the importance of sustainability and the steps that can be taken to lessen our environmental footprint."

In 2001, the Indians began their journey towards being more environmentally friendly by moving their game times from 7 P.M. to 6:30 P.M. to reduce their dependency on the stadium lights. The move was effective, reducing the electricity usage at Avista Stadium by approximately 20 percent.

Before the 2009 season, the Indians underwent a sustainability review conducted by Community-Minded Enterprises and made a number of improvements to their operation that have made the Indians and Avista Stadium more environmentally friendly. These improvements included:

• Changing to Green Seal approved paper products and Neutral based cleaning products.
• Adding bicycle racks made from recycled stadium materials to promote bike riding instead of driving vehicles to the game.
• Expanding the recycling program and the introduction of Recycle Man to promote recycling at the stadium and in the community.

The Indians were able to recycle over 17,000 pounds of paper, plastic and aluminum based products during the 2009 season with the help of the program and the assistance of Sunshine Disposal & Recycle which is based in the Pacific Northwest region. The Indians hope to increase that number in 2010 with the help of Recycle Man and the recycling program at Avista Stadium.

For more information on the Spokane Indians, please contact Andy Billig, Indians President, at or visit