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Promotional Opportunities

Outfield Billboard Signage: These dominant pieces of signage are among the most popular and effective methods of advertising in the ballpark. Dimensions vary, but the standard size is 8' high x 16' wide.

  Premium Giveaways: Generate excitement for your game sponsorship through premium/souvenir items such as baseballs, T-shirts and other novelty items. Items can also be personalized with your company logo or tagline for added exposure. Minor League Baseball has an extensive database of official licensees that can create items for use in national sponsorships.

Other Ballpark Signage: Other signage options in the ballpark include the stadium concourse, scoreboard, message board, stadium facades, dugout tops, concession stands and more.

  Product Sampling: Minor League Baseball provides a vehicle for hand-to-hand sampling and an atmosphere for fans to learn more about the sponsor's products. Sponsor partners can distribute product samples to fans as they enter or exit the ballpark, or during the game.

Print Advertising: Minor League Baseball teams distribute a number of different materials to fans throughout the season, such as game programs, year books, season schedules, scorecards and season-ticket mailers. Each of these pieces provides sponsor partners with the opportunity to place advertisements or promote their upcoming sponsored event in the ballpark.

  Branded Vehicle Display: Extend the exposure of an existing branded vehicle tour by bringing the tour to Minor League Baseball ballparks. Vehicles can be set up at the front gate of the stadium or on the concourse during the games, providing tremendous exposure for the sponsor partner and hands-on experience for fans and future customers.

Presenting Game Sponsorships: An opportunity for a sponsor partner to "own" the ballpark and receive maximum exposure for a game. A game sponsorship could include a ceremonial first pitch, celebrity appearance, sampling or coupon distribution, branded fan giveaways, on-field promotion, hospitality, etc.

  Sweepstakes: Branded trivia contests during the game with questions about the sponsor's products or about baseball can get the word out and allow fans to learn more about the sponsor and its products. These contests are designed to feel like "part of the game" and fans' interest is peaked by their ability to win prizes, tickets, etc.

Celebrity Appearances: An appearance by a baseball celebrity can enhance a game sponsorship and generate excitement with fans as well as the local media. The celebrity can appear on behalf of the sponsor partner and hold a press conference, sign autographs, take pictures with fans, throw out the first pitch along with a sponsor rep. or attend a private hospitality event hosted by the sponsor partner.

  Hospitality Events: Hospitality events such as private ballpark picnics or luxury suite parties provide opportunities for sponsors to leverage their Minor League Baseball partnership to entertain key retailers, customers or employees and to recognize them during the sponsored game. Events can also include appearances and autograph signings by players, coaches or mascots.

On-Field Promotions: This is what Minor League Baseball is famous for and what its fans have come to expect! Fun promotions or contests conducted on the field between innings or in the stands get the sponsor's message and brand across in a fun, non-invasive way.   Retail Tie-ins: Partnering with local retail outlets offers sponsor partners a chance to leverage the captive audience at the ballparks and drive them to retail partners. Creative use of ballpark handouts and coupons, team mascots and players, celebrity appearances and more can enhance a partnership with Minor League Baseball and create a win-win for the sponsor and its retail partner.

Tie-Ins with Existing Partnerships: Minor League Baseball parks provide an atmosphere to leverage publicity for an existing charity tie-in, consumer program or other partnerships.