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Security/Carry-In Policy

Buffalo Bisons

Ensuring a Safe and Friendly Atmosphere

To ensure the safety of our fans, players and associates, the following enhanced security measures are in place for all events at Coca-Cola Field. All persons entering Coca-Cola Field will be required to enter through walk-thru metal detectors. You will be required to remove any mobile phones and cameras before walking through. Fans may also be wanded by ballpark security if deemed necessary following walk-through.

You will NOT BE PERMITTED to enter Coca-Cola Field with the following items: weapons of any kind, including but not limited to firearms and knives, glassware, silverware, flasks, cans, coolers, nets, luggage, baseball bats, laser pointers, skateboards, roller blades, hoverboards, wheeled shoes, beach balls and other inflatables, airhorns and artificial noise makers, selfie sticks, cakes and gift wrapped packages/presents. No items, including those not permitted by Ballpark Policy, will be stored at Coca-Cola Field during events.

Any item, worn or carried in, that can reasonably be deemed as dangerous or could potentially endanger the safety of other guests and ballpark personnel will NOT BE PERMITTED. Also, the wearing of clothing with offensive or objectionable language may result in the refusal of entrance into or ejection from the ballpark.

DOWNLOAD the full Coca-Cola Field Security Policy.


BagBag Limits/Allowable Items

See below for items that will be allowed to be carried into Coca-Cola Field, as long as they fit within a 16"x16"x12" single-compartment bag.

Please be advised that all bags are subject to search at any time and the inspector has the right to refuse admittance to anyone who has a bag that is too large to inspect or to anyone who refuses to cooperate with the inspection process. All bags must be stored under the seats during the game.


Dasani Water

One 20 oz. factory-sealed
plastic bottle of water
per person

Minute Maid

One factory-sealed
small juice box
per child

Sandwich Bag

One single-serve portion clear plastic sandwich bag of food
per person, (6.5" x 5.5")


Please note, the following items are also allowed inside Coca-Cola Field, but may be inspected at any time.
-Baseball gloves
-Diaper Bags
-Standard-size seat cushion with no storage pockets
-Collapsible Strollers that can easily be stored at the top of seating sections
-Video and Photo Cameras (no tripods allowed)
-Small radios (must be listened via ear pieces)
-Umbrellas (may only be opened in the seating areas during rain delays)



There is no re-entry into Coca-Cola Field once a fan has entered the ballpark, unless in the event of an emergency. This includes anyone who wishes to leave the ballpark and the grounds around it to smoke or use tobacco-related products.